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We Provide Quality Services for the Solar Industry

Commercial Installation

Sunshine Solar has completed an extensive list of successful commercial and industrial projects from 500 kw to 20 MW plus. We employ a highly qualified workforce that is trained in safe, efficient operations. We employ a proven project management process that delivers a safe, on time and on budget installation for your project.

Utility Scale Installation

Your large-scale project needs a company that has well defined and implemented processes and procedures to successfully execute the project. Sunshine Solar has established safety protocols with dedicated safety staff and project management procedures that define each step of our work flow for your project team. We have highly trained team members in foundation installation, racking, module installation, quality control, logistics, and safety. We are well prepared and eager to make your Utility Scale project come to a successful conclusion.

Rooftop/Canopy Installation

Rooftop and canopy installations require specific expertise to handle the unique project with an intense focus on the safety of all involved. Sunshine provides both and has an extensive track record of successful installations. Let us make your rooftop or canopy project a reality. 

Pull Testing

Sunshine Solar has a dedicated pull testing team and equipment to help execute your geotechnical tests. Our team is mobile and will travel to your project site with our equipment including the steel needs to execute the project.

Community Solar Installation

Sunshine Solar is committed to supporting community solar by providing solar installations for local residents to enjoy and be proud of. We have turned landfills into a community solar projects that generated tax benefits to the local neighborhoods. We are dedicated to being responsible community partners in the areas we work and employing local labor on the jobs we are executing.

Foundation Installation

Sunshine Solar employs a large fleet of pile driving machines and an experienced team of drivers and support staff to execute large scale post installation projects. Our fleet is modern and well maintained to maximize efficiency for your project. We utilize dual slope laser technology to insure the ultimate accuracy of our foundation installations. Sunshine Solar also employs our own mechanical staff to service our fleet while on site. Sunshine’s fleet has installed over a Giga Watt of posts for commercial and utility scale operations.

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